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Easy Home Office Design Ideas To Boost Your Productivity

Everyone needs a home office, whether you work from home or not. Even students or regular employees inevitably have to take some projects home, then work in a space that's nowhere near conducive to productivity. We often see people working from their bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens--places that weren't designed to invoke creativity or productivity at all.

As a Realtor, I spend a lot of my time working from home. Though I do take clients around, most of the "magic" happens over the internet. This is where I build relationships with both potential and existing clients. This is where I find opportunities. Over the years, I've learned to design my home office according to my needs. Here are some really simple and easy design ideas to help you stay focused and out of trouble:

Declutter Your Desk

Your work desk is where all the work happens, and let's be honest: it's always a mess. With our busy schedules, we normally don't have time to declutter. We tend to pile more onto it, so that the moment we need something specific to get a task done we can no longer recall where we placed it.

The problem with decluttering is that we don't even know where to start. There's just so much on your work desk that you might as well throw the entire thing out. I know how tempting that is, but don't. Start by throwing pens that aren't working anymore, files or papers that you no longer need, as well as any fixture or electronic device that's already broken. The trick here is to simply get the momentum going. Once you've already started, you'd be surprised at how much trash you've already taken out.

Improve Your Lighting

Several studies have shown, time and again, that certain lighting conditions have a profound effect on our level of productivity. Apparently, it's in our DNA to work better when under a cooler light. However, warmer lighting also has positive benefits on our physical and mental well-being, especially on workers who remain cooped inside an office the entire day. Here's another surprising fact: natural light emitted both during the day and night can actually reduce depression and improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity.

Besides adjusting the temperature of your lighting fixture from a warmer to a cooler shade, move your desk near a window where you can enjoy some sunshine! Don't be afraid to rearrange your furniture, but be careful: some electronic devices may be sensitive to heat, so keep them away from sunlight.

Add A Natural Touch

This age old tip never fails. In order to be productive, you must feel "free" and unconfined in your workspace, and since you cannot bring your home office outdoors, why not bring a little touch of nature into into your home? One common way to go about this is to bring in a potted plant and place it on your desk. But there are so many other natural elements that you can introduce into your workspace. Instead of using furniture made of artificial materials, why don't you use ones that are made of wood? They're easy on the eyes, and are very durable as well. You may also opt for neutral tones when choosing various design elements, and then try to use the least amount of technology when working.

Get More Home Office Design Tips

These are only a few of the home office design tips that I've tested and proven throughout the years. As a retired military wife, we've moved a lot around the country and had different home office spaces to work with, so I have lots to share. Luckily, you can find them all in my latest blog post. I highly recommend that you have a look at it, especially if you're already feeling burnt out with working from home. Remember: sometimes all it takes is a simple fix to become more productive!

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